Our Patriot Ancestors

Patriot ancestors are the men and women who aided the cause of American independence. Their efforts included military, civil, and patriotic service and occurred during the period between the Battle of Lexington (April 19, 1775) and the withdrawal of British Troops from New York (November 26, 1783). Each Arrowhead Valley DAR member can trace her family lineage to one or more of these ancestors. Each of the many Patriot ancestors listed on this page are related to a current member of the Arrowhead Valley Chapter of the DAR.


Abbreviations for Patriot Service Ranks

BGEN    Brigadier General        MAJ    Major
CAPT   Captain   NONCOM   Non-Commissioned Officer
CHP   Chaplain   PS   Patriot Service
COL   Colonel   PVT   Private
CPL   Corporal   SGT   Sergeant
CS   Civil Service   SOL   Soldier
ENS   Ensign   StaffOf   Staff Officer
LCOL   Lieutenant Colonel        




Jean Dube, PS





Lemuel Brooks, SOL
Odle Close, CAPT, PS
Levi Dikeman, PVT
William Fosdick, NONCOM
Benjamin Greenslit, PVT, PS
Roger Gridley, PS
David Hanchett, PVT, CS, PS
Josiah Higley, PVT
Jedediah Hill, PVT


Benajah Holcomb, SGT
Benjamin Hutchins, LCOL
Abiel Leonard, StaffOf
George Martin, PVT
Moses Mather, PS
Noyes Mather, PVT
William Middleton, PVT
William Sizer, CAPT
Samuel Whitney, PVT



Amon Beebe, PVT
Edward Eckles, PS
Peter Hinton, SOL
Zachariah Landrum, SOL, PS
Dionysius Oliver, SOL, CS
Micajah Paulk, Sr., SOL PS 




Samuel Beall, CS
Francis Billingsley, CS, PS
Samuel Bradford, PVT
Zadock Brashear, SOLl
Jesse Gray, PVT
John Numbers , PVT
James Thompson, SGT
Gabriel Williams. SGT




Isaac Dodge, LT
Abijah Fairbanks, CPL
Nathaniel Fales, CAPT
Timothy Jackson, SGT
Richard Jacobs, PS
Samuel Jerome, SGTMAJ
Reuben Knowlton, PVT
Francis Libby, PVT
Daniel Littlefield, SGT
James Locke, LT, CS, PS
Edward Mitchell, Sr., COL
Francis Plummer, SGT


Henry Putnam, PVT
Joseph Raymond, CAPT
Thomas Rowell, CS, PS
Paul Dudley, SGT, COL, PS
Nahum Tainter, SGT
Seth Thayer, LT
Jonathan Thayer, CAPT
David Thompson, PVT
William Trowbridge, SGT
Edward White, PVT
Eliphalet Wood, CPL



Oliver Booth, Sr., PS
Francis Dana, PVT
Ebenezer Locke, Sr., PS
Joseph Kinney, CPL
Samuel Nay, CAPT, CS, PS
John Pickering, PS




John Brown, PVT
Onesimus Bell, SOL
Byram Naphtal, PVT
Gilbert Allen, CAPT




Amasa Sprague, SOL
Benjamin Brown, PVT
Nathaniel Culver, PS
Benjamin Elwood, PVT
John Meeks, CAPT


Humphrey Gifford, SOL
Alexander Hamilton, LCOL, PS
Henry Hannis, PVT
Edward Howard, PVT
Nathaniel Mead, LT




William Apperson, PVT
John Barber, PS
Elisha Bowdry, PS
Robert Carruth, PS
George Cregar, PVT
John Deatherage, PS
William Givens, CS
James Hogan, PS
Zebulon Hollingsworth, PVT
Peter Lewis, PVT
Abraham Mitchell, PVT


Edward Moore, PS
Moses Park, CS, PS
Jeremiah Rhodes, SOL
James Rutledge, PVT, CS
William Shaw, Noncom
Arthur Stokes, SOL, PS
William Stokes, PVT
Conrad Strader, PS
John Tudor, PVT
Samuel Woods, CAPT



Christian Ankeny, LT, PS
David Archibald, PVT
Jacob Bender, PVT
William Crutchlow, PVT
Michael Hagenbuch, PS
Obadiah Hardesty, PVT
Robert Husted, SGT, PS
Michael Koiner, PS
Abraham Lasley, PVT
Jacob Matter, SOL, PS
John Matter, Sr., CPL
John Matter, Sr., CPL
Brice Mckeehan, PVT


Valentine Santee, PVT
Philip Shambach, PVT
Henry Sheets, Jr., PVT
Daniel Showalter, PS
Robert Slemons, PVT
Peter Spyker, CS
Henry Stahl, Jr., PVT
Daniel Stark, SGT
James Stark, PVT, PS
Daniel Stoy, PVT
Jacob Stroud, COL, PS
George Wisecarver, PVT, CS, PS
Simon Yandes,PVT 



Robert Ramsay, SOL
John Gowen, CAPT, PS
Sanford Berry, PVT
Edward Jackson, PVT
James Butler, CAPT, PS
Nathaniel Abney, CAPT




Eber Angell, CAPT
William Bowen, PVT
Amos Crandall, LT
Edward Hull, PS
William Humphrey, MAJ, PS
Aaron Wilbur, Jr., LT
Aaron Wilbur, Sr., CAPT, CS, PS
Nehemiah Woodward, PVT




Thomas Ashley, PVT, CS, PS
Josiah Hale, PVT
William Ward, LT, PS




George Alexander, PS
James Alexander, PS
George Ashby, PVT
Elias Barbee, PVT
Nathaniel Beall, PVT
William Booton, PS
John Burch, SOL, PS
Joseph Butler, PS
William Butler, PVT, PS
Jesse Calvert, PS
David Charity, PS
Michael Cloyd, SOL, CS
John Cummings, PS
Sarah Dade Triplett, PS
Solomon De Long, SOL
Benjamin Dean, PVT
George Emmert, PVT
William Faris, PVT
John Frazier, SGT
William Fuson, PVT
Francis Gilley, PS
Chesley Glover, PS
William Granbery, PS
Nathaniel Haggard, PS
Stephen Ham, SOL
Christopher Harris, PS
Benjamin Harrison, COL


Benjamin Head, CAPT, PS
Susanna Hill Clement, PS
John Hinton, PS
William Jones, SGT
Alexander Keith, PVT
George Keysacker, PVT
David Kirby, PS
Thomas Kirtley, PS
Samuel Martin, SGT
Mosias Maupin, PS
John Mccutcheon, PVT
William Mcmurtry, PVT
William Moore, PVT
Michael O'Hair, PVT
Samuel Pack, PS
William Pettijohn, Jr., PVT
Peter Pinegar, PS
James Quertermous, PVT
Matthew Ralston, CS, PS
Peter Randolph, CAPT, PS
Robert Rankin, LT, PS
Jonathan Reed, LT
John George Rinker, CAPT
John Trigg, CAPT
Jacob Van Meter, PS
James Whaley, PVT

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